What Are The Benefits Of Owning An AR-15?

Reasons To Own An AR-15

Anyone who knows about triggers or has ever laid hands on one can agree that the rifle is the best all-purpose rifle in the market. Lots of enthusiasts have studied it and made comparisons that further prove this fact. One of the reasons to own an AR-15 is because you can turn it into any kind of rifle you want. It is very cost-effective and economical in the long run. Whether you acquired it for competitions, home defense, or even hunting, it can be optimized to suit your needs and preferences.

That’s the magic of the AR-15. It can be morphed into a personalized rifle that will fit into the users’ needs and levels of precision. The most important part of it is the trigger, as expected.  Size-wise, it may be a small part but it is the driving force of the gadget itself. It makes a huge difference in the overall performance of the rifle. After all; it is the only thing between you and the perfect shot.

why I own an AR-15
Why I Own An AR-15

Accessories for the AR-15

 The AR-15 is a very popular rifle and therefore there is a huge selection of accessories available. There are countless options since not everyone likes stock or original parts. Sometimes aftermarket pieces are necessary and one needs to figure out what really works and what really does not work, especially for triggers. An AR-15 rifle can be assembled in many different ways, including high-precision rifles, a firearm for range shooting, powerful gadgets for hunting, tools for training for recreational shooting, and specialized weapons for law enforcement and the military.

AR-15 as an Upgrade to the AR-10

 When it comes to automatic weapons, it is paramount that one understands the differences between models and parts that can be interchanged. For example, the AR-10 and the AR-15: the AR-15 is a later model version of the AR-10. As expected, there are significant improvements made as well as similarities in the design of the two products. It is vital to check the replacement parts for both too. Compared to the AR-10, there are advantages and more reasons to own an AR-15.

The AR-10 uses the .308/7.62×51 cartridge while the most recent and updated AR-15 uses the .223/5.56 x 45 cartridge. This cartridge has been known to improve the efficiency of the pull. Some components are also smaller on the AR-15 but more powerful. For example, the lower receiver has a shorter length, thus has lighter weight. Because the AR-15 has smaller rounds, the weapon also has smaller magazine walls to accommodate. This contributes greatly to its lighter weight.


Another advantage of AR-15 ownership is that its parts are cross-compatible and interchangeable with other models such as the AR-10. This is important because different manufacturers now produce weapons and parts across the globe. These parts include buttstock assemblies, hammers and hammer springs, the AR trigger and trigger springs, pistol grips, and buffer tubes. This list also includes the disconnector and disconnector spring, buffer detent, magazine release buttons and springs, and safety selectors. However, it is important to consult a qualified expert before choosing a component to use within your gun.


The AR-15 offers several points of contact as opposed to a pistol. This provides greater stability when firing. Also, the barrel length improves the aim significantly. What’s more, it proves better accuracy when one needs to fire at an intruder from a distance. Another aspect that improves its accuracy is reduced recoil. High recoil is mostly experienced in shotguns, which makes them difficult to use in a stressful defense situation. The AR-15 produces little to no recoil, with an almost automatic reset, which greatly contributes to its preciseness and ease of use. This goes hand in hand with the ergonomics, which is improved by the shape of the front handle, the high cheek, and bilateral arm guard.

The capacity of an AR-15 is also enhanced, holding up to 15 rounds as opposed to a shotgun that has a firing capacity of only a couple of rounds. When every round counts, one needs the ammunition in the magazine to have more power and accuracy which the AR-15 provides.

Accessibility& Safety

 The AR-15 for home defense continues to grow in popularity. Most users are able to store their AR-15 in a two-point sling in any location of the house. It is always in the “ready to fire” position when needed. This is not the case for other weapons stored under the bed or in a cabinet somewhere. It takes time to access and ultimately uses it but the AR-15 can easily be on stand-by. Also, using an AR-15 home defense rifle gives one flexibility when choosing which type of ammunition to use. One can consider a lower velocity/hollow point round designed to lower the risk of errant rounds penetrating the walls in the home and harming someone on the other side. On the other hand, a shotgun with a powerful shot is capable of blowing through a wall or door, harming an unintended target.


All in all, the AR-15 is one of the most validated rifles in history, as well as the most versatile and semi-automatic rifle. Its long and widespread acceptance means that it fulfills its duty well.  It is also the most modular, with versions that have variations in the pistol grip, rifle length, carbine length, barrel length, and some that are enhanced to emphasize accuracy and durability. Their aftermarket parts are relatively inexpensive and fairly easy to assemble without the services of a gunsmith. The ammunition is relatively cheap too.  Several safety measures have also been put in place to minimize recoil, dissipate the puff of smoke and flash of light associated with firing a rifle. These measures also help to reduce the loudness of the weapon. When fired, to protect one’s hearing as well as make it possible to hear instructions from supervisors when training on a common range.